Leonard Cohen FRIENDS On The Go, Ghent To Brooklyn - Old Ideas World Tour 2012

January 20, 2013
Key Arena at Seatle Center Nov 9.12 (Facebook/Matthew Lamb)

"I want to express our gratitude to those, I don't want to call them fans, 
they are of a much deeper order than fans..."  
(Leonard Cohen, Las Vegas, Dec 10/10)

"I found it heartwarming that he referred to us as friends and thanked us all night long"

“He showed a gratitude that’s beyond belief at our attendance, 
thanking us, his “friends”, for the very warm reception”

"It is quite refreshing to see a living legend of the music world be appreciative of his fans, 
call them friends"

Slideshow Video - Dia

Over 200 photos of Leonard Cohen FRIENDS at meet-ups, out and about and in the audience enjoying thrilling concerts from Ghent to Brooklyn on the Old Ideas World Tour 2012.
Audio tracks are from my own videos:

(1)  JOAN OF ARC  - Debut on the World Tour (Portland Nov 11/12)
(2)  THERE AIN'T NO CURE FOR LOVE - First perfomance on the Old Ideas 2012 Tour (Seattle Nov 9/12)

THANK YOU to all the wonderful, generous and enthusiastic FRIENDS for sharing your photos.
Knowing many of the people in the shots made me feel like I was there myself. 

And thank you Tweeters for the great atmosphere shots.
I love audience shots. It gives me a heightened sense of the Leonard Cohen Community coming together to share a special concert experience, even for me from afar. 

Leonard Cohen FRIENDS - Ghent to Brooklyn 2012 - by Arlene Dick

  • Re: The Seatle Key Arena official photo at the top -  If you look closely at the first row right, you may recognize a few familiar FRIENDS.
  • The Dia also includes  a few audience shots by Joey Carenza, LC Tour Road manager and Leif Bodnarchuk, backline guitar tech.

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  1. this is soooooo beautiful! What a sweet memory .....thank you so much Arlene !