You Tube Is Down Today - Are Texans Involved To Prevent My Leonard Cohen Austin Concert Videos Being Seen?

November 3, 2012

This is the message received when attempting to link to YouTube services today.

Twitter abounds with similar reports.

So I am wondering if those fierce Texans will go to any lengths to prevent my Leonard Cohen Austin concert videos from being seen?

From my Concert 1 post: Leonard Cohen Opening Concert in Austin, October 31.12 - Preliminary Report
I was stopped from taking videos and actually threatened they would confiscate my camera, and I would be "taken out".
Respecting the fierce Texans and wishing to avoid another Texas chainsaw massacre, I believed they would indeed physically remove a grandmother with a cane. So I put my camera away.

At intermission I spoke to the venue senior security liaison with the tour who cited "tour company instructions" and "by request of the artist".


My You Tube video links from the Austin second concert on November 1, 2012



Alexandra Leaving

Going Home

Thousand Kisses Deep

Secret Life

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