Scouting 1st Bank Center Arena This Afternoon for Leonard Cohen "Denver" Concert Ads

November 3, 2012
1st Bank Center, Broomfield, CO around  2pm

I found nothing around the box office or the main doors advertising tonight's Leonard Cohen concert.

The arena is located in Broomfield, about 37 miles, 40 minutes by taxi ($105 with tip) from the Denver airport.

I dubbed this area "not_Denver".

It is in the middle of nowhere, wide open empty space, bleak and very cold.
The only attraction is a big shopping mall 10 minutes away.

I do like the view of the mountains (barely) from my laptop window.

And the Leonard Cohen concert is only a few blocks away by hotel shuttle.

That's enough to gladden my heart.

Thanks go to Jose, the nice hotel shuttle driver, for snapping my photo

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