Spectacular Live Shot of Waldbuhne by Hans Kloss-Cohenites Arrive From Meet-up for Leonard Cohen Berlin Concert + Backstage Night View by Joey Carenza

September 5, 2012

Oh, those 100 steep stone treacherous stairs - I remember them well, but not fondly.  At least for this Leonard Cohen concert, the seats are reserved.

My 2010 Berlin Waldbuhne saga is here

Thanks for the spectacular photo, Hans.


Joey Carenza, Notes from the Road posted this night photo from backstage.
His caption is very moving and I left a comment on Facebook.

"with nightfall, the stage lights come on, and chase away the ghosts of empires past…"
Beautiful caption! When I sat there in Hitler's personal structure two years ago, I felt very conflicted. My only comfort was we beat the bastard. So, I thoroughly enjoyed that Leonard Cohen concert with my many Cohenite FRIENDS.

Bottom photo: Notes From The Road ~ J.S. Carenza III (Joey) ~ webmaster and Tour Road Manager

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