Tour Manager Mike Scoble "Joins" The Leonard Cohen Old Ideas Band in Ghent at the Opening Concert, Aug 12/12

Mike Scoble - Old Ideas Tour Manager

August 13, 2012

When I watched a one minute video clip of the intro to Darkness, it took me by surprise to see Mike Scoble, The Old ideas Tour Manager, playing harmonica on a venue screen. I think he was playing offstage?
(Edit: He was onstage standing behind Alex Bublitchi,, violinist)

And I like Leonard Cohen's smile when he heard Scoble playing.

Unfortunately, the videographer's camera failed after one minute so I don't know if this was the only instance.  I have not read any concert reports either that mention Scoble's harmonica role.  But it is early...

Scoble also pitched in with his harmonica talent when he was Tour Manager with Adam Cohen recently. To read the report, "Mike Scoble on Harmonica, Michael Chaves on Bongos With Adam Cohen in Amsterdam, Feb 22/12", click here. 

It includes an Adam Cohen Tower of Song video where Mike plays the harmonica for a few lines. Great fun.

Leonard Cohen, Gent 08-12-2012, Intro of "Darkness" (opaglebijn1)

  • Photo at the top is a screenshot from the video clip
  • Mike Scoble, a man of many accomplishments, was the formidable Tour Manager for the Leonard Cohen World Tour 2008-2010.


  1. Arlene, he was standing behind Alexandru, at the side of the stage.

  2. Had the pleasure to see Mike Scoble guest starring with his harmonica in Adam Cohen's Tel Aviv gig last December. And he's good!