Mike Scoble on Harmonica, Michael Chaves on Bongos With Adam Cohen in Amsterdam, Feb 22/12

Mike Scoble, Adam Cohen, Michael Chaves (screenshot)

February 26, 2012

The Leonard Cohen Newswire on Facebook had an enticing post that drew my attention.
A cover of Leonard Cohen's Tower of Song by his son Adam Cohen. And a surprise (and amazing) performance by someone from the UHTC.
I couldn't resist and watched the featured video, Adam Cohen, Paradiso (Amsterdam), 22-02-12, uploaded by LysWantTwo on Feb 23, 2012.

It was such fun.

Michael Chaves' spirited bongo syncopated version of Tower of Song, reminiscent of Leonard Cohen's own arrangement with self driving keyboard - and - an unscripted contribution of terrific harmonica riffs and licks by Mike Scoble, Adam Cohen's tour manager.

Michael Chaves

Michael Chaves is Adam Cohen's hard working, talented guitar and multi instrument support and one of Adam's two back up voices (along with Mai Bloomfeld).

Mike Scoble

Mike Scoble, a man of many accomplishments, was the formidable Tour Manager for the Leonard Cohen World Tour 2008-2010.

When attending concerts on the World Tour, I had several opportunities to observe Mike Scoble in action.  He always looked elegant, and seemed quietly efficient. So it was a pleasant surpise to see Mike dressed casually and riffing on his harmonica and looking like he was enjoying himself immensely.

And he is quite good!

I cue started the video at Adam's introduction of Mike Scoble.  But, be sure to watch the whole video.  It is terrific.

cued to start at 2.15 when Mike Scoble is introduced 

  • Leonard Cohen Newswire on Facebook is authored by Tom Sakic and Mod Marie here
  • UHTC is the acronym for the "United Heart Touring Company" (Leonard Cohen)
  • "Artist Spotlight on Michael Chaves" here
  • All photos are screenshots

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