My Favourte Memories of Leonard Cohen Receiving a PEN NE Award on Feb 26/12

Paul Simon, Leonard Cohen, Keith Richards and Chuck Berry prior to the PEN New England Awards for Song Lyrics of Literary Excellence in the President’s Room.

(Rick Friedman/Kennedy Library Foundation)
— at John F. Kennedy Presidential Library and Museum.
February 29, 2012

It seems all the fun and good times at the PEN NE awards took place before the lacklustre awards ceremony itself.  

The major players gathered beforehand in a private room and had a grand time evident by all the super photos of laughing faces that have since been published.

As soon as I saw the photo above, I smiled and said, that's my favourite. That's the photo I want in my Leonard Cohen Scrapbook. 

Thank you to Goldin, aka Roman Gavrilin (currentcohen) for posting the link to the series of photos on the leonardcohenforum  

Being disappointed with the actual awards ceremony on live (out of synch) webcam, I was pleased when shortly thereafter Albert Noonan (IrishAl) uploaded a video with just the segment of Leonard Cohen receiving his award.  Watching that video, made me a lot happier. Leonard Cohen was such a class act, the best part of the ceremony. Thank you, Albert. 
The quality is not great. I was watching it live and just had the urge to record it on my iPhone from my laptop screen. I have also managed to get the speech to be somewhat closer to being in sync

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  1. I totally understand your reaction to this incredible photo, Arlene! Thanks for choosing it and posting it here.

    Thank you, again, to Goldin!