Leonard Cohen Will Keep On Going..."Till the wheelchairs rust"

Cohenites holding flash cards with the Unified Heart logo welcome Leonard Cohen  at the opening concert in Ghent. Aug 12/12

August 14, 2012

In Ghent on August 12/12, the opening night of his Old Ideas World Tour, Leonard Cohen ran onto the stage for his signature opening song, Dance me To The End Of Love, and was greeted by cheers, a standing ovation from the sold out audience and a beautiful vision filled with love - Cohenites from many countries holding up white placards bearing a red Unified Heart logo. 

This was organized with a lot of love by several Cohenites who spread the participation to many countries via the internet such as Facebook.

This beautiful gesture reminded me of what Leonard Cohen said at his last concert in Las Vegas, Dec 10/10 -
"I want to express our gratitude to those, I don't want to call them fans,
they are of a much deeper order than fans..."

After LC finished the song, he went on to make some very moving remarks.
Thank you for this wonderful warm welcome
Thank you for the beautiful signs
Thank you for coming from so many places to this concert here tonight
Your attention to my music is deeply appreciated
I don't know when we'll pass this way again
I said that the last time and here I am
But I think that we're going to...
with the help of G-D and two policemen...
we're going to keep on going
till the wheelchairs rust 
And after I watched that segment several times to transcribe it and after I typed it for this post, I had tears in my eyes.

Here is the video cued to start at 5.56 - Leonard Cohen's thank you remarks.

Leonard Cohen, Gent 08-12-2012, Welcome and Concert opening   (opaglabijn1)

  • Photo at the top is a screen shot from the video
  • Ever since LC said in Las Vegas that we "are a much deeper order than fans", I started using FRIENDS in this Scrapbook and in my videos - because that is what he calls us at concerts.

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