Famous Blue Raincoats At 3rd Leonard Cohen Ghent Concert - Photos Live From St Peters Square by Albert Noonan

Stamatina Roupalioti, Martaen Massa, Marie Nolan -Live from Ghent

"People in their ponchos waiting for the rain that never came" 

Early this morning. many people were anxious about the ominous weather forecast for the third concert in Ghent's St Peters Square. 

Reports filtered in all day about the high wind and looming downpour. And when the concert goers entered the venue, they received complimentary blue ponchos.

Albert Noonan kindly sent photos live from Ghent and followed up with a brief summary.  Thank you, Albert.
There was a threat of heavy rain , strong wind and thunder around 7 pm tonight. When we got to the venue they were giving out rain ponchos.  The stage wasn't ready.
The tv screens and stage curtains were lowered or tied back in preparation for the storm....but it never came. 

They started to set up the stage but it was 8,3o before they got the concert going.  Three or four songs were left out:
The Darkness,  If it be your will , Come healing, Light as the breeze. 
Concert went very well once it got going 

Got some nice vids.

Szilvia Szanto, Eva Martonyi, Eddie Massa & Ann Mechiels (Maarten's parents)

And here is a photo of Albert Noonan (r) in his "famous blue raincoat" taken by Hans Kloss.

On the far left facing, are Ingrid van Daele and Frauke Goeschel

Note: I will update the name of the lady to Maarten's right.

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