Leonard Cohen's 2012 Tour is now Official-Old Ideas Tour Road Manager Joey Carenza Posts Takeoff & Landing Photos

August 23, 2012

"Wheels Up to Copenhagen"

"Landed, Denmark"

Joey Carenza  (J.S. Carenza III) posted these photos today on the Greetings From Camp Cohen website.

When I saw these, I shouted with glee,  "Now it's official. Joey's posting takeoff and landing shots!"

During the Leonard Cohen 2008-2010 World Tour, many Cohenites followed Joey's old Flickr photostream. It was the only way we could stay informed were the they were. And we were very grateful.

Joey is a gifted photographer and took many other photos during that World Tour.  During a tour hiatus, while I was vacationing on Sanibel Island, I put together a post with a slideshow selection from his 2009 photos. Click here

Joseph Samuel Carenza III, "Joey", is the Leonard Cohen World Tour Road Manager. Even with Joey's hard working, fast paced schedule, he always found time to be an "on-the-go journalist". His photographs published on Flickr* are a fusion of traditional, impressionistic, wily, spontaneous and always fascinating
Thank you, Joey!
  • J.S. Carenza III is webmaster of Greetings From Camp Cohen / Notes From The Road.
  • Many Cohenites now take airplane/tarmac shots and we call them "Joey pics".

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