2009 Pictorial Review-Leonard Cohen Tour- Joey Carenza Images

From Dec 31,2009  leonardcohenforum

Joseph Samuel Carenza III, "Joey", is the Leonard Cohen World Tour Road Manager. Even with Joey's hard working, fast paced schedule, he always found time to be an "on-the-go journalist". His photographs published on Flickr* are a fusion of traditional, impressionistic, wily, spontaneous and always fascinating.

*Flickr photostream fauxmantic

He also ensured we knew about the tour mascot monkey, Fred, much to the delight of Fred's several Forum mothers.

And vintage Joey photos of the tour's private airplane leaving one concert city and landing in another concert city made us feel like we were right there on the tour and always knew where they were.

Joey Carenza's thoughtful message to me about my video

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