Serena Ryder Will Perform At The Glenn Gould Prize Concert Gala Honouring Leonard Cohen

Serena Ryder, Juno award winning Canadian singer-songwriter

May 6, 2012

"To help celebrate the music of his father...Adam Cohen joined by Serena Ryder" 

The first time I heard Serena Ryder sing, as it happened, was also the first time I heard Adam Cohen sing and they performed together.

It was November 2008 and I was back in Toronto packing up for my final transition to Los Angeles.  I was watching a CBC special about the Montreal International Jazz Festival tribute to Leonard Cohen that was held in the summer.  And the song they performed together was really fantastic,  Hey,That's No Way To Say Goodbye

 Hey,That's No Way To Say Goodbye (JamesBMotion)

Serena also performed a terrific cover of Leonard Cohen's Sisters of Mercy.

Serena Ryder - Sisters of Mercy  (ark80)

It will be interesting to see if Serena and Adam have a chance to team up again at the Concert Gala on May 14.

Whether solo or together, those attending are in for a treat with both Serena Ryder and Adam Cohen.


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