Adam Cohen - Beautiful Voice and Captivating Performer

There were several posts on the leonardcohenforum Las Vegas December 2010 Concert thread about meeting Adam Cohen in Heathrow Airport on his way to Las Vegas. That reminded me about my own Adam Cohen posts on the forum.

 From Feb 28, 2009   leonardcohenforum

... Whether I achieve my goals or not, it's probably unrealistic of me to think anybody will (care)...
(Adam Cohen-ready to embrace his father's legacy, Canadian Press, Feb '09)

Well, I am one fan of Adam Cohen who cares! I heard him last November [2008] for the first time and I was blown away. He is a major talent with a beautiful voice, awesome interpretation and a captivating stage presence. I was in Toronto last November and it was beshert/destiny that the CBC televised a one hour documentary of the Leonard Cohen Tribute which took place in Montreal last June.

L'dor V'dor, from generation to generation.
To see a wonderful example of Adam Cohen captured from the CBC documentary, click here

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Adam Cohen was a presenter at "Idea City 2010" in Toronto last June.  On Twitter, someone posted a tweet about Adam disparaging the city of Toronto.  I captured  the tweet with a screen shot and posted in on the forum. The shot has since been removed but the jpg descriptive file name remains on the forum "adamcohendissingtoronto". 

From June 18, 2010

At first I was disappointed to read this about Adam's attitude. Then I smiled and had a chuckle. Toronto was my lifelong home until only recently. I am used to the long standing Toronto/Montreal rivalry. It is just part of the Canadian landscape.
A 30 second soundcheck clip posted by twitvid can be viewed here.

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  1. Captivating. What an apt description, Arlene. This is Adam's youtube channel:
    I love his version of Take This Waltz with Anjani. There's that same passion that we've seen in his father. And you can hear Adam's new music here:
    I love Matchbox and Like A Man. Adam has a beautiful voice that is as compelling as his father's. I would love to see Adam perform live. Thanks for reminding us of Adam, Arlene.