NEeMA at the Hotel Cafe in Los Angeles, October 23, 2010

Cover portrait by Leonard Cohen

From October 25, 2010  leonardcohenforum

NEeMA is enchanting, authentic and girlish and oh, so very talented.

She is a wonderful poet describing the subtleties of life, love and spirituality.

She spoke about her dog with great affection and related several delightful stories. (one at beginning of clip below)

She has a Business degree, and once took a position as Manager of the small aboriginal community of Wekweeti in the isolated Far North of Canada. She draws from that experience in her wonderful songs.

NEeMA is a vibrant performer with a powerful stage presence.

If she comes to your area, I encourage everyone to go see her perform.

Arlene, NEeMA

I have several videos (for which I asked permission). I chose this one to post because it resonated with me. Not only because I also live in LA but because of her words:
From the lyrics * Lost in LA *
there are no easy answers
only countless shades of grey
we grab unto illusions
i heard you say
exploiting everything we find
in the hopes of finding more
forgetting what we
initially came for
from mulholland drive to skid row
some kind of mirror to our world
at least that's what i heard you say
we're all lost in la

Special thanks to Phyllis & Robert Kory and Elliott Lefko for including me at their table

Phyllis & Robert Kory

Robert Kory, Arlene, Elliott Lefko (AEG North America)

*   *   *   *
From October 24, 2010  leonardcohenforum
There is a lot of interest on the forum about a bracelet that Leonard Cohen wore in some of his concerts. I asked NEeMA about the bracelet she was wearing, which I noticed when she was autographing her new CD. She told me, Leonard gave it to her.

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