Glenn Gould Prize Gala Concert Celebrating Leonard Cohen, May 14/12 - My Photos and Memories (Part 1)

That's me in Toronto at Massey Hall on the aisle, with my "saucer size I love Leonard Cohen button"

May 25, 2012

(Part 1) Getty ready to go and before the gala concert


While waiting for Gala tickets to go on sale to the public, I ensured my Canadian passport was in order and prepared my "I Love Leonard Cohen" button which is only 4".  Saucer size is a bit of a tweeter's exaggeration, don't you think?

On the sale date, I purchased a ticket at 10:01 am on the phone with Massey Hall.  When they entered my name, they informed me I already had an account there. The address was my former home in Toronto.

I spent my early cultural life in Massey Hall, especially when it was the home of The Toronto Symphony before newer and larger theatres were built. My last time there was to see the Buena Vista Social Club.  That was a great show.

I arrived early evening on Sunday from Los Angeles, the day before the Gala, and the downtown streets were quiet. Before I checked into the hotel, I wanted to take some photos of the billboard while the light was still good. I thought the Leonard Cohen event deserved more prominence than I saw.

Ah, but the next morning....

...This is what I saw around 7am from the window of my hotel room.  I ran down to take a photo while the glass door was off. I told this gentleman that Leonard Cohen's name should take up the whole billboard. He laughed.

Starting early in the morning, I watched the trucks arriving and offloading equipment, including one truck with camera equipment.

That piqued my interest.

I had a chat with the head guy receiving these wheeled crates and learned that they were doing a video of the concert, but he didn't  know who was doing it or anything else.  (I later learned it was Goldenvoice/AEG.)

Well, it was reassuring to many of us that there will be a video of the concert gala honouring Leonard Cohen.  We will have to be patient (not one of my strong suits) until it is available.

There were also three screens in this load, but he was not sure how they will be used.  (More about one screen in Part 3 - the Gala Concert)

This stretch vehicle, with what looked like a Ford truck front, was parked outside the theatre about 8:15pm.  I waited for a while to see who would come out then decided to enter the theatre. I never did find out who was in it.

  • Audience photo at the top from torontist
  • Photo caption quote from twitter by Leesa Butler: "‏Packed house for Leonard. "I love the lady w/a saucer size I Heart Leonard Cohen button"

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