Eeeeeee....I'm Getting Excited About The Leonard Cohen Old Ideas 2012 World Tour - It's really happening

Ryan Patrick Murphy & Joseph Samuel (Joey) Carenza III
Nashville 2009

May 1, 2012

Camp Cohen has been treating (teasing) us with a few 2012 tour start up photos.

Desired affect achieved!  I am really excited. 

Tickets have been on sale to the European leg for a while. Hopefully North American dates will follow soon.

And now preparations are underway for the band to come together for rehearsals in Los Angeles.

Joey Carenza, World Tour 2008-2010 Tour Road Manager and webmaster of "Greetings From Camp Cohen" recently posted these photos and captions.

There’s been a Ryan Murphy sighting en route to Los Angeles.

Ryan was the 2008-2010 World Tour Lighting Designer.
Leonard Cohen always introduced him as Ryan Patrick Murphy.

found these gems in a case with a red velvet chair, can’t wait to sit 
around the campfire while Javier plays the gypsy blues and 
everyone else tells lies we wish were true

Excavation Day.
The first of May and it is almost summer here at Camp Cohen.
Seems like a good day to dust off the old road cases 
and see what there is to see

* * *

To see more of Joey Carenza's photographic artistry, click the following link
2009 Pictorial Review-Leonard Cohen Tour- Joey Carenza Images

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