My Fun Record Store Day in Los Angeles - Leonard Cohen Live in Fredericton EP - Apr 21/12

Arlene & Sebastian, Rockaway Records crew and LC fan
Silver Lake, Los Angeles

April 21, 2012

I arrived early at Rockaway Records in Silver Lake, Los Angeles hoping to be one of the lucky few to snag a copy of the Leonard Cohen Live in Fredericton EP.

The evening before, I checked with record shops closer to where I live in "The Valley", but none had received any copies of the Leonard Cohen EP.  So I called further afield and struck it lucky with this Silver Lake record store, Rockaway Records.  Yes they had it, but emphasized they were sent only a few copies.

When I arrived early in the morning to line up, it was hot in the sun. The store kindly sent a crew down the line offering us bottles of water.

One of the crew, Sebastian, spotted my I love Leonard Cohen button and we had a great chat.  It turns out that Sebastian was at the same concert that I attended in San Diego Copley Symphony Hall in April 2009. It was fun reminiscing about the incredible intimacy of that concert, such a splendid venue of 2,200 seats, it almost felt like a religious experience.

Arlene & Dave, general manager Rockaway Records

Dave, the general manager, organized the line up and entry in a very efficient and friendly manner.  I thought this first experience for me of lining up outside waiting for the store to open and crowds rushing in the door kind of thing would be a bad experience. But it was a fun experience.  And I thank Dave and his crew for that. 

Dave, long time Leonard Cohen admirer

While in the advance line-up, I had a nice conversation with another admirer of Leonard Cohen, also called Dave.  He showed me his list of the Record Store Day specials he was hoping to buy. DEVO was at the top of his list.  And he was successful.  Just take a look at all the goodies Dave is carrying to the check out. He told me that he got the last copy of the Leonard Cohen EP.

Link to my San Diego concert report here

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