Eija & Jarkko Arjatsalo "Ice" Stewards of the Leonard Cohen Forum & Leonard Cohen Files

December 31, 2011

I have been enjoying Eija Arjatsalo's beautiful photography ever since I joined the Leonard Cohen Forum in 2009.  I have particularly been struck by Eija's photographs of her Ice Creations.

They are live artworks, so breathtaking.

It was only recently that I realized that the posting of photographs of Eija's Ice works are a Forum tradition at Holiday time.  So I surfed the Forum and the Leonard Cohen Files to collect some of her other Ice photographs.   One lovely surprise I discovered, the first one below is what Jarkko uses as his avatar.

And here are some of Eija Arjatsalo's beautiful Ice Creations that I was able to find.

Thank you Eija, for all your exquisite photo galleries.
And thank you Jarkko, for everything you do for Leonard Cohen and his fans.
  • Photos of Eija & Jarkko Arjatsalo: Leonard Cohen Krakow Event, August 2010
  • Link to the Leonard Cohen Forum here
  • Link to the Leonard Cohen Files here

1 comment:

  1. Arlene thanks for gathering all of these beautiful Ice Creations by Eija.
    Its so beautiful to see them gathered here all in one place.
    What a great winter tradition! Thank you Eija and Jarkko
    and to you a big thank you Arlene for displaying them for all to see.