Leonard Cohen Talks about Living In Tennessee at Nashville Concert, Nov 5, 2009

From July 21, 2011  leonard cohen forum

While looking for an email, I found  one that I forgot all about.  I wrote it the day after returning home from the San Jose concert which took place on December 13, 2009 .

After that concert, some of us met for drinks at the San Jose Fairmont Hotel.  I had a chat with one of the UHTC crew and he was interested in my comments about each of the final five Leonard Cohen concerts (well, the "first" final five as it turned out.)

He then said (and I paraphrase):
LC really enjoyed Nashville and was excited about playing in Nashville.
"Lenny" told Tennessee stories for 20 minutes in the Green Room. 
The funniest and longest story was about him never being able to catch the horse he bought

After reading about that in my email, I thought I would have another listen to the audio of Leonard Cohen telling stories at the Nashville concert, which Linda Straub captured so beautifully.

Audio thanks to Linda Straub

Source: Mapquest
I used to live down here many years ago outside of Franklin,a place called Big East Fork.
And I had a cabin there that I rented from Boudleaux Bryant for $75 a month, 1,500 acres.
I bought a Winchester Rifle and
a Walter PBK Automatic,
a pair of cowboy boots
I lived like that for about 20 years.

One of my neighbours was a Rodeo Champion called Kit Marley
and I asked him if he had a horse for me.
He said, "I got just the horse for you".
And he brought it over, it was a mare, grey
I never managed to catch it.
There was a lot of space there and a barn full of hay  and lots of grass.
I heard you could get them to come over with sugar.
So I'd stand by the fence with a couple of cubes of sugar.
And she would come over, eat the sugar and run away.
Tennessee Perfoming Arts Center (TPAC)
I think she is still out there somewhere.
.....Ring the bells....
One quote and two notes:

1.  Re a demo recorded by Kris Kristofferson... "The Lady's Not For Sale"... the title track come off quiet and devastating, like Leonard Cohen in cowboy boots

2.  The top left photo of the Nashville HATCH poster, coveted my many but only available on a limited run to a few, is thanks to Christan (Silverbar).

3.  Linda Straub's mp3 audio recording is from the Leonard Cohen Forum's moderator Marie Mazur's Speaking Cohen Website

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