NEeMA House Concert, Los Angeles, Feb 20, 2011

Organized by Barbara Williams and graciously hosted at her home with husband Tom Hayden
 and their son Liam, 11 who played a mean upright bass in the concert

From Feb 23, 2011  leonardcohenforum

NEeMA was outstanding. It was a fabulous concert and I had a grand time and so did my two guests visiting from Toronto.

This concert was quite a contrast from her gig at The Hotel Cafe last October.

The home setting was very comfortable and of course wherever one sat was close to the "stage". There were refreshments provided and interesting people to mingle with before the concert started, many of whom were Canadians - Barbara Williams is a Canadian originally from Vancouver Island. On my way to get some mint tea, I said hello to the casually dressed Robert Kory kickin' it in fedora and jeans.

Barbara Williams introducing NEeMA

In the words of Leonard Cohen, "In the midst of all the static, a voice of true feeling arises, a rare event" ... NEeMA
When she came out, she looked radiant and absolutely stunning. NEeMA's House Concert was being filmed. (see below). Perhaps she had more makeup on than before because of the lighting used for filming. Her look was spectacular. Wow. I hope my humble photo above and my video captured her radiance.

NEeMA has a Business degree, and once took a position as Manager of the small aboriginal community of Wekweeti in the isolated Far North of Canada. She draws from that experience in her charming intro to A Drum Dance

NEeMA covered AVALANCHE, by Leonard Cohen. It was thrilling.

Joey Carenza III

One of the videographers filming her concert looked familiar, the multi-talented and very friendly Joey Carenza III (sans fedora).

Joey was roaming all over, even lying on the floor, trying to shoot special angles.

Watching him work his camera into different positions was kind of fun.

NEeMA's House Concert was publicized on Facebook and was open to everyone.
Tickets were $15 which included refreshments

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