Loudon Wainwright III Concert on Feb 5, 2011 at California State University, Northridge (Los Angeles)

Arlene & Loudon Wainwright III
 From Feb 7, 2011  leonardcohenforum

Inaugural concert at the new Valley Performing Arts Centre with Shawn Colvin

Loudon was on for the first half of the double bill concert.

He was terrific, a most enjoyable hour+ of songs and patter. The crowd loved him.

He featured a few songs from his newest album, "10 Songs For The New Depression" to which many in the audience could relate.

As of this writing some folks are saying things are looking up recession wise and this particular hard time might be ending. Other experts are saying we’re in for a “double-dip” and there’s more feces heading toward the national and global fans. If that’s the case i’d like to cash in. So buddy if you can spare a few bucks, please enjoy “10 Songs for the New Depression”! - Jan 2010
He engages with his audience all through his set. After a few songs, he mentioned:
My family has been busy lately. On February 2, I became a grandfather for the second time. It's an easier job. Thank you. (arms streched out, pretending he is handing the baby back to the parents).
Before his encore, he referred to his new granddaughter when he dedicated the song, "Daughter", to her.

At the intermission, he was selling his CD in the foyer. He was very charming and friendly with everyone in line. I bought one, got his autograph and had a photo taken with him.

The theater was very strict about no cameras, no photography or recordings. But I did notice the odd cell phone snapping pics. Loudon was cool with this and cracked a joke asking if they really knew how their cell phones work.

So I have nothing live from the concert to post but I found an NPR podcast with two songs from his new album that he sang in the concert. They are the first two songs on the podcast.

This song was written following the 2009 Inaugural and asks or perhaps begs the question: “Can nihilism be used as a tool to remedy social ills?” I suspect Pete Seeger would reject this premise, though I’d like to think that Will Rogers and Woody Guthrie might dig the concept.
So far I’ve remained relatively unscathed by the New Depression though I do own a home in southern California that I am unable to sell at present. My financial advisors tell me that the present will most assuredly stretch into the foreseeable future.
Full details about this new album are on Loudon Wainwright's website.
NPR's Mountain Stage is a radio show recorded before a theater audience. It is produced by West Virginia Public Broadcasting and distributed by National Public Radio and the Voice of America.

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