Stripping The Gears In Denmark

Hans Christian Andersen Museum, Odense

My reply to "Amrei" about the Odense concert in August, 2010

From April 17, 2010  leonardcohenforum

Ah, Amrei, would that I could go. But it is not feasible to go to the Odense concert. Not to worry though, a while back I drove through your beautiful country of Denmark and visited the wonderful city of Odense including the fantastic Hans Christian Andersen Museum. We stayed in B&B's the whole trip to avoid the pesky VAT tax. My friend was a better navigator, so I did most of the driving. We rented a gear shift car and that was an adventure in itself. I hadn't driven a gear shift car in many years. I was okay going forward, but kept forgetting the clutch in reverse. That grinding noise was chilling. After a while I only parked in places where I could pull forward.

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