Leonard Cohen Concert - Los Angeles Nokia Live, April 10, 2009

From April 11, 2009  leonardcohenforum

 APRIL 10 show
Disclaimer: I was so emotionally involved in the majesty of the Leonard Cohen concert, my memory may not be the greatest.

I found the Los Angeles show more dynamic than the one in San Diego – some changes and some surprises. LC seemed to be having more fun in LA.

I’m your man
And if you want another kind of love
(Doffing his hat, smiling widely, eyes twinkling)
I’ll wear an old man’s face for you

Tower of Song
Ah they don't let a woman kill you
Not in the tower of song
---chuckles, speaks---
but that doesn’t apply elsewhere

Ain’t No Cure for Love
‘broken church’

Waiting for the Miracle
Added, Not included in San Diego.

So wonderful to hear this in concert. Dino Soldo played yet another instrument, which looked like it might be a cors anglais. Did anyone else recognize it? A brass instrument with reeds, that looked similar to an oboe.

I couldn't feel, so I tried to touch
I've told the truth, I didn't come to TINSELTOWN to fool you

I didn’t think that choice for LA went over well.

Retained “It’s not Junk” from San Diego.

I can’t remember what was omitted at either venue. I know there was no "Sisters of Mercy" at either.

Only two full band intro’s and with some new wording.
Neil Larsen .... an accomplished musician in his own right.

Famous people
According to one security man, Jay Leno was there. Also, the taller of Penn and Teller.

Fan early entrance
It looked like anyone who came early was allowed in. In San Diego, only those declaring themselves “Fans” were let in early.

A guy next to me was doing that all night. Because I was floating on the ceiling, in no pain, it didn't bother me.

Set List: Los Angeles Nokia Theatre, April 10, 2009

First set: Dance Me to the End of Love / The Future / Ain’t No Cure for Love / Bird on a Wire / Everybody Knows / In My Secret Life / Who by Fire / Chelsea Hotel #2 / Waiting for the Miracle / Anthem

Second set: Tower of Song / Suzanne / The Gypsy’s Wife / The Partisan / Boogie Street / Hallelujah / I’m Your Man / Recitation w/N.L. (A Thousand Kisses Deep) / Take This Waltz

First encore: So Long, Marianne / First We Take Manhattan
Second encore: Famous Blue Raincoat / If It Be Your Will / Democracy
Third encore: That Don’t Make It Junk / Closing Time
Fourth encore: I Tried to Leave You / Whither Thou Goest

April 11 Set list thanks to Maarten Maasa

April 10 SOLD OUT - Poster thanks to Dr HGuy

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