"Somewhere among the hats...Leonard Cohen" Ottawa Concert Begins, Scotiabank Place Dec 7.12

December 7, 2012

"Somewhere among the hats... Leonard Cohen."
Trevor Battle
"Waiting for Leonard Cohen..its getting close to Closing Time"
 Tom Clark  CTV

"Nice surprise to see @CBCAdrianH introduce Leonard Cohen tonight! 
(well sort of see...)"
Kim Elliott

"2 min until Leonard Cohen takes the stage. So excited to see a CND icon!"
Kent Tubmna

"View from backstage at Leonard Cohen concert. 12 minutes before I am onstage"
Adrian Harewood, News Anchor at CBC News Ottawa 

"Just backstage here at the Leonard Cohen concert which I will be MCing starting in about 40 minutes. Scotiabank Place starting to fill up."
Adrian Harewood, News Anchor at CBC News Ottawa 

"3rd row seat to a Leonard Cohen performance - gonna be awesome. Way to many people with a 'Leonard Cohen' hat..."
Guy Podjarny 

Photos from Twitter

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