Leonard Cohen 2012 Tour Debut "Ain't No Cure For Love" Seattle Nov 9 & Portland Nov 11.12

November 25, 2012
"Aint't No Cure For Love" Seattle Nov 9 (screenshot from my video)

Performed for the first time on the Old Ideas World Tour 2012
Ain't No Cure for Love (with intro) 
Leonard Cohen on Nov 9.12 at Key Arena, Seattle, WA.

This was concert five of my six concerts in a row adventure starting in Austin on Oct 31 and I just never expected it.  

Ah, he's keepin' his concerts fresh.  What a wonderful surpise.

I suppose, I should have expected something new.  Leonard Cohen concerts are dynamic, in more ways than one.
INTRO: "My songs are kind of bleak, but underlying the whole dismal affair is actually a tiny thread of light. I studied religious values. I actually bound myself to the mast of non-attachment, but the storms of desire snapped my bounds like a spoon through noodles."
Video by Arlene Dick


Thanks to Rachel/Holydove for the intro transciption.


 *  *  *


Portland, OR - November 11, 2012


Audio of intro to Ain't No Cure for Love.

This is yet another Leonard Cohen gem.

He had just finished singing DARKNESS and started off with:
Jesus Christ, you have to lighten up you know, I mean
Is it, is it really that bad? I don't think so.
But, I did. I plunged into religious practice and I bound myself to the mask of, the mast of non-attachment,
but the uh, the teeth of the storm just cut me loose.
And I, I practiced uh, I practiced uh, I practiced indifference.
Yes, I put on the blinders of indifference, but the, the light of beauty kept leaking through.
After a while I learned that uh, I learned that even what our Savior knew as he was pinned up on the cross.
I learned that uh, there ain't no cure for love
Leonard Cohen Audio, INTRO: "Ain't No Cure For Love" Portland, Nov 11.12 
Audio clip by Arlene Dick

Thanks to Inna & Kelsey (KaimiK) for the intro transcription.

*   *   *

I was very lucky to be at both the Seattle and Portland concerts.

Very lucky, indeed.

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