Casterbridge Cohen, "Gamblin' Man," Leonard Cohen FRIEND, Michael Bromfield Photos from Montreal Concert, Nov 28.12

November 29, 2012
Michael Bromfield 
The Master at work-Leonard Cohen, Sharon Robinson and the Webb Sisters Montreal Nov 28 2012

No matter which name he is known by, and he has a few, Michael Bromfield has the expertise and midas touch for everything he does - travel business, trekking in exotic places, gambling successfully in Las Vegas and photography. 

Arlene & Michael 2010 Caesars Palace
I first met Michael at a 2009 Leonard Cohen concert meet-up in Las Vegas and there again in 2010 . He is quite a raconteur and I always enjoy his stories. He has shared his many outstanding photographs from a number of Leonard Cohen concerts. Exquiste collection.

As a matter of fact, he opened his own photgraphy gallery displaying his works from many adventures Global Images Gallery.

He donates 10% of sales to charities

From a recent article in a Dorset, UK publication:

He has now opened the Global Images Gallery in the former Booklore building, on Hound Street, to feature his own photographs taken during his travels around the world.

The gallery is free to enter and 10 per cent of all sales will be donated to a dedicated cause.

Mr Bromfield said: "I wanted to turn my focus to my ambitions, which are writing and photography, and buy my own gallery.

"I saw the property up for sale and thought it was the perfect choice.

"My close friend, a photographer, thought I was mad, as it is not something you go into to make a profit.

"But this was more about devoting time to something I was passionate about.

"When I returned from travelling I always used to invite friends round to see the photos. I would give a short talk about the places we visited and ask them to donate a little money for charity too, which is what I'm doing here."

Mr Bromfield's first three exhibitions include pictures of Katmandu and Lhasa, Antarctica and, his particular passion, iconic mountains.

He has chosen to first donate to Community Action Nepal, a mountaineers' charity founded by Doug Scott.

Mr Bromfield said: "The Nepalese Sherpas live in the mountain regions in extremely poor communities.
"They help you to climb the mountains and I realised donating to this charity would be a way that I could help them."

A keen writer, he has previously had a book serialised by the Western Gazette about Yeovil Town Football club, and is now working on a guide to becoming an entrepreneur and another based on articles about his trips around the world.

He now divides his time between his house in Stowell, a home in Canada where his wife originally comes from, and an apartment in Switzerland.

Mr Bromfield is already planning forthcoming exhibitions much closer to home to include coverage of next year's Glastonbury Festival.
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Michael Bromfield
Leonard Cohen and an admiring Sharon Robinson Nov 28 2012

  • On Twitter, Michael Bromfield is known as "notesfromanomad"
  • "Casterbridge Cohen" - on the Leonard Cohen Forum
  • "Ganblin' Man" - my name for him after hearing about his successful run in Las Vegas


  1. Hello Arlene, I was hoping maybe you could help me with something. My mom has been a fan of Leonard's ever since she was a teenager. She has a love for him unlike any I've ever seen, and despite that has only managed to be able to see him in concert one time. I know that it would mean more than the world to her to meet him, so I was wondering if you knew of any ways that that might be possible.
    Thank you so much! You have a wonderful blog.

    1. Thank you for your kind words. I would say most people who have met him, just ran into him at different places where he was giving a concert. Leonard Cohen is known to be very gracious with people.