Getting Ready for Leonard Cohen Opening Concert in Austin (2) Two Special Pendants From Polish FRIEND. Marta Liwska

October 29, 2012
Pendants designed and gifted by Marta Liwska, Wroclaw, Poland

Marta Liwska, LC Krakow Event 2010
I first met Marta Liwska at the Leonard Cohen 2010 Event in Krakow.  Marta was wearing a "Book of Longing" pendant which was very striking. I learned this glass encased pendant was designed by her and crafted by an artisan. After admiring it, Marta said she would gift it to me when the Event was over. And she did.

Marta's kindness was typical of the many generous and caring Polish FRIENDS I met at the Krakow Event.

I wear her BOL pendant very proudly and received several compliments, including one by Hattie Webb (of the sublime Webb Sisters).

Marta and I have kept up our long distance friendship via email and Facebook since the 2010 Event.

Earlier this month, a surpise package arrived from Poland in my mailbox.  Not only another beautifully crafted pendant "Keep Calm..", but the reverse side held an extra special surprise, my name

Reverse side, (L) BOL (R) Keep Calm...
Because I am going to both concerts in Austin - October 31 and November 1 - I will wear a different pendant on each evening.

Thank you once again, Marta. You are very kind.

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