1772 FRIENDS at Leonard Cohen Paris Olympia Concert - Images Captured by Olivier Bouyssou

October 1, 2012

combination of two video screenshots

All the thrilling photos above are screenshots from a video filmed by Olivier, First We Take Manhattan, at the first Paris Olympia Leonard Cohen concert on September 28, 2012.

Olivier commented:
"I was sitting on the first of row of mezzanine and it was not easy to film because of security watching...

We had a wonderful night."
Mitch Watkins working his pedalboard- video screenshot

In addtion to the wonderful audience perspective shooting down to the orchestra level, the sound monitors on stage were no longer obstructions to the same degree when shooting from a floor seat up to the stage.

With that camera advantage, Oliver's outstanding videography also included something new for me, a clear view of Mitch Watkin's guitar pedalboard.  Mitch's adroit footwork was visible in many frames, sometimes using one foot and sometimes both.

I know very little about pedalboards other than what I learned in the excellent documentary film, "It Might Get Loud" when various effects were demonstrated by The Edge (U2).  And Leif Bodnarchuk mentioned in his tour diary blog, No Ideas, about servicing Mitch's pedalboard.

So, I found watching Mitch Watkins working his pedalboard a bonus of this outstanding video of the song.

Thank you, Olivier for you excellent camera work..

First We Take Manhattan at the first Paris @ Olympia (Paris-2012)  OldIdeas2012

  • Olivier Bouyssou is Olive31 on the Leonard Cohen Forum and OldIdeas2012 on YouTube
  • Per Wikipedia, seating capacity of the Paris Olympia is 1,772.  (plus additional orchestra seating like at the Leonard Cohen concert 2,000 capacity)

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