Shepherd of Leonard Cohen FRIENDS - Jarkko & Eija Arjatsalo and Son Rauli, Photos: Ilia Muraviov and Roman Gavrilin

September 4, 2012

Jarkko & Eija Arjatsalo

"With heartfelt gratitude from Roman Gavrilin & Ilia Muravlov"

This expressive photo and elegant thank you on the Helsinki concert thread of the Leonard Cohen Forum speaks volumes.  It represents how many of us feel.

As FRIENDS, we have the opportunity and privilege today of enjoying concerts and meet-ups with old and new friends on the 2012 Leonard Cohen Old Ideas World Tour thanks to the vision, steadfastness and hard work of Jarkko, Eija and Rauli.

There is a wonderful photo on the LC Forum of the Arjatsao family at the Sept 2 Helsinki concert taken by Lorca Cohen. Rauli is sitting next to Jarkko You can view it  here

Ilia Muraviov (Minsk, Belarus) and FRIEND Roman Gavrilin (St Petersburg, Russia) traveled to Helsinki for their first Leonard Cohen concert ever. Ilia posted some wonderful photos of their whole concert experience, including a FRIENDS meet-up and side trip. Thank you Ilia and Roman.

"New friends:) Jarko, Ilia, Roman, Alexandra Kondrateva, Maarten Massa" 
Meet-up night before the concert

Side trip day of the concert to see Leonard Cohen's Artworks in Porvoo 
That's Ilia following the footsteps to the Leonard Cohen exhibit.

Roman and Ilia at Sonera Stadium, September 2, 2012

"With Leonard Cohen"
Ilia's caption mad me smile.  So sublime.

"Post concert meetup in Helsinki.  It's closing time - but too early to leave :-)"
(l-r) Ciaran Dorr, Szilvia Szanto, Henry Tengelsen, Marie Nolan, Jarkko Arjatsalo  
(Photo: Henry Tengelsen)

My caption is: Jarkko and FRIENDS

  • Roman Gavrilin is also known by:  Hermitage Prisoner, Goldin, Abstractor of the Quintessence, and  Currentcohen
  • Ilia Muraviov is one of the webmasters of the Leonard Cohen site for Russian speakers here and Ilia on the Leonard Cohen Forum
  • EDIT: This was Ilia's second LC concert, having attended the Moscow concert in 2010

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