Leonard Cohen Bucharest "Roses Are Red, Violets Are Blue..." I Can't Forget Impromptu Poem

September 29, 2012

Leonard Cohen's big smile, beaming after his impromptu poem voiceover

At the Bucharest concert on Sept 22, during I Can't Forget, Leonard Cohen recited an impromptu new poem.

And it was a funny one.

LC seems to be having such a good time on this tour. A lot of fun.

And this is another instance. When he finished reciting the poem, he exchanged a big impish smile with Sharon Robinson.

Roses are red
Violets are blue
I'm lonely again
But I'm glad it's with you

I'm glad it's with you
Glad it was me
I called other people
But no one was free
I Can't Forget has been performed 15 times in 26 concerts (as at Paris concert 1 on Sept 28.12)

From the Leonard Cohen Old Ideas tour statistics on Setlist.fm

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Snippets from Leonard Cohen's show in Bucharest, at Piata Consitutiei, on 22.09.2012
Cued to start at 3.16 with the start of "I Can't Forget"


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