I'm an Honourary Dublin FRIEND From Afar Getting Ready For Leonard Cohen Concerts at The Royal Hospital Kilmainham, IMMA

September 11, 2012

My Getting Ready Checklist

(1)  Ask Gwen Langford to kindly make me an honourary Old ideas 2012 World Tour Dublin nametag.

(2)  Select a lanyard from my stash of Leonard Cohen concert lanyards as suggested by Gwen.

Mmm...it was difficult to choose one concert lanyard for fear of offending the other concert lanyards. So I went with a simple classic black leather necklace cord which has a sentimental Krakow LC Event connection. And being a shorter length than a lanyard, I can wear it daily with my civvies. It looks elegant peeking out at the collar opening of a blouse.

(3)  Track down miniature bottles of Bushmills Original Irish Whiskey to make an Irish Cofee on concert days (Sept 11,12,14,15).  This is not an easy feat in southern California where many varieties of Tequila dominate the shelves. Ah, but I did find a location and will pick up four minis later today.

Now, I wonder if the Irish Coffee tradition is still kosher if I use decaf coffee?  Well, at least whipped cream has zero carbs, right?

(4)  Not much else.

With all the talented writers and super videographers congregating in Dublin, I can scale back blogging and enjoy all their posts and videos.

  • Thank you to Gwen Langford for not only making my Dublin nametag but also for mailing it to me in time for the concerts.
  • My other nametags and lanyards are all courtesy of Maarten Massa.

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