Backup Singer Charley Webb Also Plays Clarinet in the Leonard Cohen Old Ideas World Tour Band

September 18, 2012

Charley Webb -  Photo by Betty Vercauteren (with permission)

Ever since Leonard Cohen's Old Ideas World Tour opened in Ghent on August 12 and I read about Charley Webb, one half of the "sublime Webb Sisters", playing the clarinet, I have been curious to see a photo or video of her in action.

Recently, Betty Vercauteren posted on Facebook the stunning black and white photo above taken in Ghent.

Also recently, Roman Gavrilin  uploaded a video from the Berlin concert which includes a few seconds of Charley doing her thing.  His excellent video is a combination of Everybody Knows and Who By Fire.

Both Charley and Hattie Webb play multiple instruments.  Hattie plays the harp and mandolin, and Charley the guitar, clarinet, and piano.

Charley with clarinet makes a very brief appearance with her clarinet in Who By Fire  after Javier Mas finishes his dazzling solo introduction and LC picks up the song.  The video is cued to start when the camera pans to Charlie for a few seconds.

Everybody Knows / Who By Fire (Berlin, Sept 5, 2012) - RGavrilin

Roman Gavrilin is also known by:  Hermitage Prisoner,  GoldinAbstractor of the Quintessence, and  Currentcohen


  1. thanks for posting !! love your scrapbook !!

    1. Betty, thanks for letting me post your brilliant photo of Charley with clarinet and many of your other photos. All your photographs are outstanding!