Magical Moment - Leonard Cohen Playing The Jew's Harp in Democracy, Ghent Aug 12/12

Ghent Aug 15/12 - Photo: Eva Martonyi

August 17, 2012

Camp Cohen tweet: Aug 15/12

"The quest for the perfect font continues...(Sushine, Hello 8/14/12)

Maarten Massa uploaded a 25 second "small snippet" of Leonard Cohen playing the Jew's Harp in Democracy on opening night in Ghent.

I thought it was pure LC magic and I left a comment under Maarten's Youtube video to that effect:
FANTASTIC!  Thank you so much. Maarten, for this "small snippet" of pure Leonard Cohen magic.

Leonard Cohen Aug 12/12 Democracy (Jew's Harp) - MaartenLC

  • Top photo - Thank you to Marie Michele for Eva Martonyi's photo link on facebook
  • Camp Cohen/ Notes From The Road/ Sunshine, Hello - J.S. Carenza III, Old Ideas Road Tour manager
  • For more info about the Jew's Harp aka mouth harp, jaw harp, Ozark harp, check out Wikipedia here
  • To learn about Leonard Cohen and the Jew's Harp, start with these two websites: - leonardcohenforum & leonardcohenfiles

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