Leonard Cohen FRIENDS Out and About With the Band in Ghent

Rafael Bernardo Gayol and...lots of FRIENDS
(Front)  Elke Franz, Marco Dolfino, Frauke Goeschel, Will Lageveen, RAFAEL, Hans Kloss, Eija Arjatsalo, Meritxell Cardelus, Caren Gutschmidt
(Back) Wijbe Lageveen, Andrea Dolfino, Franz Henning, Beatriz Salles, Ann-Kristen Aschenbrenner, Jarkko Arjatsalo, Sinikka Hiljnen

August 19, 2012

"I found it heartwarming that he referred to us as friends and thanked us all night long"

Rafael Bernardo Gayol and FRIENDS

(clockwise) Eva Martonyi, Ingrid van Daele, Szilvia Szanto, "the Rafael group"

Roscoe Beck and FRIENDS

(clockwise) Gwen Langford, Eva Martonyi, Betty Vercauteren, Ingrid van Daele, Vlasta Podebradska, Luc Huybrechts & Betty Vercauteren

Sharon Robinson, Hattie & Charley Webb and FRIENDS

(L-R by row) Gwen Langford, Mandy MacLeod, Willy Lageveen,
Eva Martonyi, Hans Kloss, Ingrid Van Daele
Jill Hammond, Gwen Langford, Mandy MacLeod

Alex Bublitchi, Neil Larsen, Javier Mas, Mitch Watkins, Robert Kory and FRIENDS

(Top L-R) Eva & Alex Bublitchi - Alex & Henry - Gwen langford & Javier Mas
(c) Gwen and Neil Larsen
(Bottom L-R), Mitch Watkins & Gwen, Alex & Vlasta Podebradska, Robert Kory (LC manager) & Mandy

*   *   *

For all your wonderful photos, a big thank you goes to: Gwen Langford, Eva Martonyi, Szilvia Szanto, Mandy MacLeod, Betty Vercauteren, Ingrid van Daele, Hans Kloss, Caren Gutschmidt, Wijbe Lageveen, Eija & Jarkko Arjatsalo

Special thanks to Wijbe and Willy Lageveen for the Rafael group photo and names.
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    1. Great photos Arlene, many thanks to all your friends. Lovely band members meeting lovely audience members.

    2. Thank you, Arlene for the nice compositions and the explanations.
      The best reporter in Ghent, working from L.A ,magical things made up from magical people.