(Part 5) Going Home, Mini-Bar and Airport - Glenn Gould Prize Gala Concert Celebrating Leonard Cohen

Neil Larsen & Elliott Lefko

July 7, 2012

Going Home...Going Home


The morning after the Glenn Gould Prize celebration (5/14/12) honouring ninth laureate Leonard Cohen, I caught an Air Canada flight back to Los Angeles.

During the boarding stage, Neil Larsen and Elliott Lefko (AEG Goldenvoice) stopped in the aisle to shake hands and say hello on the way to their seats. 

How thoughtful and gracious to do that. Other passengers were backing up behind them so I said I would like to come to their seats later to ask Neil to please sign my Glenn Gould program booklet. 

And Neil did. 

What a delightful way to go home.

Pantages Hotel, Toronto, directly across Massey Hall

Hotel Mini-Bar

When I was packing in my hotel room for the flight home, I glanced at the mini-bar and smiled.

After Leonard Cohen's acceptance speech at the Prince of Astruias Awards on Oct 21/11, I now connect a hotel mini-bar with Leonard Cohen.

"I stayed up all night last night wondering what I might say to this august assembly. And after I had eaten all the chocolate bars and peanuts in the mini-bar, I scribbled a few words. I don’t think I have to refer to them"


Joey Carenza Set The Standard

Many Cohenites who closely follow reports of Leonard Cohen's tour around the world associate airplane and tarmac shots like this one as "Joey style". Joseph Samuel Carenza III was Leonard Cohen's road tour mnager on the 2008-2010 World Tour.  We were able to enjoy hundreds of  daily tour photographs thanks to his Flickr photostream.

To see a slideshow with Joey's Leonard Cohen World Tour 2009 photos, click here

  • Joey Carenza is back on the 2012 Old Ideas World Tour and is webmaster of Greetings From Camp Cohen. - "News, Sports & Weather Reports from Camp Cohen by ~ J.S. Carenza III"
  • To view the Camp Cohen archives which includes many of his photostream 2008-2010 tour photos, click here
  • Several Friends on Facebook asked about the contents of the "Intimacy Kit" in the hotel mini-bar.  A quick google result was: "Some hotels... are stocking their minibars with Intimacy Kits which, in case you need to ask, contain condoms, cinnamon mints, scented cloths, and even personal lubricants and feather ticklers."

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