Los Angeles Kings Win The Stanley Cup Which Prompts a Leonard Cohen Connection

LA Kings coach Darryl Sutter hoists the Stanley Cup


June 11, 2012

sonLeonard went to Game 6 of the Stanley Cup finals aginst the New Jersey Devils tonight here in Los Angeles.

We were texting and emailing during the game along with some friends in LA and Toronto. He also sent a few photos.  Ain't modern technology great!

Canucks sonLeonard & John

When it looked pretty certain that LA would win the Stanley Cup, everybody's texts and emails became playful.  Here is an example:
Stub Hub is jacking up the price for the seats to the post-game riot!
So, I wondered, with all the hoopla expected in the city, if the UHTC would be able to make their way from rehearsals back to their home base.

That's how my thinking works when I am in a Leonard Cohen mind set. (Well, I am currently busy booking flights and hotels for my "Next Five" concerts.)

As it turns out, the LA Police were well prepared this time to avoid a repeat of the riot that took place two years ago when the Lakers won the basketball championship. This is the scene when sonLeonard exited the Staples Center.

  • Of all the players and others hoisting the Stanley Cup in victory, I particularly enjoyed seeing Darryl Sutter doing it. I often watched him playing left wing for the Chicago Black Hawks vs the Toronto Maple Leafs.  He was always a hard working, fine Canadian hockey player. (Photo: TV screen shot, NBC Sports Channel)
  • Other photos: from sonLeonard

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