Leonard Cohen at the Glenn Gould Prize After Party 5/14/12

LC & Robert Kory ...         ................................................LC & a party guest  
(Fran's Restaurant across the street from Massey Hall, Toronto)

June 13, 2012

I did try to crash the after party but was unsuccessful. 

Fran's Restaurant is connected to the hotel I was staying at. There was a sign earlier in the day at the street entrance about them closing early for the party. But there is also an entrance from inside the hotel. I tried entering that door. It was open, but I was greeted on the other side by a very nice security man. Do you have a ticket? No, but... 

Alas, none of my persuasive efforts were successful. However, while I was stalling I could scan the crowd. There were no familiar faces. When I mentioned that, the security man said, "Oh, they're gone. They didn't stay very long.

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Leonard Cohen's song Tower of Song is played to him personally by Lighthouse the night he is awarded the Glen Gould Prize (after party at Fran's on College St, Toronto)


  • Photos at the top are video screen shots.
  • Contrary to the videographer's description, this Fran's Restaurant is located on Shuter St, Toronto, directly opposite the main entrance of Massey Hall.

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