KISS and Leonard Cohen Are Rehearsing at the Same Place In Los Angeles

KISS frontman Paul Stanley arrives at SIR rehearsal space in Los Angeles, 
parks his car next to Leonard Cohen's prime reserved parking spot (orange cone)

June 25, 2012

I had an errand in downtown LA today not too far from where Leonard Cohen and the UHTC are rehearsing for the Old Ideas World Tour. So I decided to go over to the SIR rehearsal space and have a look at the area.  

One never knows who might be outside having a smoke...

I walked around the building which is quite unassuming, actually a disappointment because I was expecting to see a "Tower Of Song" befitting a genius poet, writer and songwriter.

Eventually, I found the Artist Entrance at the back of the building and had a nice chat with a very pleasant security man about Leonard Cohen.  He pointed out LC's prime reserved parking space, which alas, was empty at the time.  The troupe had not yet arrived for rehearsals...I was too early.

Just as I was leaving, KISS frontman Paul Stanley pulled in.

One of his men asked the security guard, "Who did she want?"

The guard replied,  "Leonard Cohen"

If you could have seen the crestfallen look on his face.  Priceless.

I smiled and chuckled all the way home.

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