Glen Hansard, Singer on "Hunger Games" Movie Soundtrack, Covers Leonard Cohen's Passing Through. This Is for my Granddaughter

Glen Hansard
Academy Award Winner from Dublin, Ireland

June 29, 2012

Hunger Games Singer + Leonard Cohen Song = Shared Delight

This is for my granddaughter, Julia who is an avid reader and huge fan of Suzanne Collins (Scholastic) trilogy Hunger Games.

Julia has read the series several times and loves the Hunger Games movie which was released last March/12.

In fact, she was at the premiere opening in Los Angeles where she was thrilled to meet some of the principles in the movie.

Since then, I think you can count on two hands, how often Julia has seen the movie again at the local Arclight Cinema.

The Passing Through refrain was how we Leonard Cohen passionate "friends" serenaded him after the intermission at his last concert of the World Tour in Las Vegas, Dec 11/10. Albert Noonan captured this magical moment so beautifully (click here)
Passing through, passing through.
Sometimes happy, sometimes blue,
glad that I ran into you.
Tell the people that you saw me passing through.
Ah, I love when my granddaughter's passion intersects with Bubbie's passion.

Glen Hansard / Passing Through
(Leonard Cohen cover) 

Barnes & Noble, Union Square NYC 6/28/12
uploaded by: RaelChild 

  • Photo at the top: from Google images 
  • Source: tweet with link here
  • Hunger Game Trilogy - wikipedia 
  • 10. Glen Hansard, "Take The Heartland" - One-half of The Swell Season (and star of "Once") Glen Hansard injects some much-needed urgency into the album, debating the merits of murder and sounding a lot like Dave Grohl in an righteous change of pace. from:'The Hunger Games' Soundtrack: Track-By-Track Review (Billboard)

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