Two Sistema Protege Students Pay Tribute To Leonard Cohen at the Glenn Gould Prize Gala May 14/12

Sistema students, age 6 and 11, pay tribute to Leonard Cohen

May 16, 2012 
The protege award went to Sistema Toronto, a program that offers free, intensive music education to children from culturally diverse and typically disadvantaged neighbourhoods. The children of Sistema had prepared a video for Mr. Cohen which was shown during the gala - the video showed a group of the Sistema children singing Hallelujah to him. (Paula,"Sochijava" on the leonard cohen forum]
Following the short video, two Sistema students, ages 6 and 11, were introduced and (although not audible), I suppose thanked Mr Cohen for the Protege Award.

I remember feeling how considerate of Leonard to bow so low to make a connection with both of the children.

Along with Paula, I had tears in my eyes

Massey Hall, Toronto

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