Mitch Watkins Joins Leonard Cohen's Old Ideas World Tour Band

May 10, 2012

Jarkko Arjatsalo, webmaster of the Leonard Cohen Forum, posted the photo above with this announcement:
Mitch Watkins has joined the band. He has toured with Leonard in 1979, 1980, and 1985.
More about Mitch at

Mitch will be on the guitar. Bob Metzger cannot go on tour because of health issues.

This photo with caption was also posted on May 10
Source: Greetings From Camp Cohen,
(webmaster J.S. Carenza III aka Joey Carenza)

Hattie Webb can’t get enough of veteran tour mates Mitch Watkins and 
 Roscoe Beck as they relive past LC campaigns through newly surfaced
 and hilariously incriminating  photos of the ‘79/’80 LC tours 
which produced the “Field Commander Cohen” live record.

For some excellent background reading about the start of Mitch's collaboration with Leonard Cohen, try this article on MarieM's Speaking Cohen: Playing With Cohen (Austin American Statesman by Brad Buchholz, Mar 31/09)

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