Chelsea Hotel Facade Restoration Plan Unanimously Approved

Len Bierbrier, Esther Cohen and Dick Straub - Leonard Cohen Plaque Dedication, Oct 23,2009

May 28, 2012

Great news! The signature room of Leonard Cohen at the Chelsea Hotel in NYC will be available one day for our enjoyment.

From: CityBiz Real estate, New York here
May 28/12
Restoration of Landmark Hotel Chelsea Façade Approved by LPC
Gene Kaufman Architect, P.C. (GKA), the leader behind the renovation of New York City's Hotel Chelsea, has received unanimous approval of the plan for the preservation and restoration of the hotel's landmark exterior from the Landmarks Preservation Commission.

The 12-story red-brick Hotel Chelsea, originally designed by Hubert, Pirsson & Co., was the tallest building in New York City when it was opened in 1884. It was also one of the very first private residential cooperatives.

After financial struggles for the co-op into bankruptcy it reopened as a hotel, welcoming guests from every walk of life including famous and infamous artists, musicians, writers and characters.

As part of the plan, upper façade of the hotel will be restored to be in keeping with the 1884 design, including the original window profiles and stained-glass transoms, while the ground-level retail storefronts will be returned to their 1920s-era forms incorporating pre-existing design elements.

The canopy and entryway will be brought back to their original character, and the famous "Hotel Chelsea" sign will be restored and preserved.

The interior elevators, fire stairs and pathways and building systems will be modernized to align with current code requirements.

The hotel's rooms will be restored and renovated and signature rooms will be noted and available to guests looking to follow in the footsteps of legendary former Chelsea residents and guest including - Dylan Thomas, Virgil Thomson, Thomas Wolfe, Janis Joplin, William S. Burroughs, Bob Dylan, Patti Smith, Sid Vicious, Leonard Cohen among others.
Photo at the top by Linda Straub on the Leonard Cohen Files

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