Adam Cohen Announces "End of a Long Run" at Hotel Cafe Hollywood, April 10/12

Mai Bloomfield, Adam Cohen, Michel Chavez

April 14, 2012

I went to Adam's gig at the Hotel Cafe in Los Angeles on April 10 - it was a great show.  The comments left on Adam's Facebook page capture the the spirited response of the audience.
 Lori Ludvik-Clough
  • Adam's show last night was awesome, I'm still smiling. Thanks Adam!
Leticia Servin 
  • Yes! He was amazing!!!
Alison Frutkin Vallocchia
  • Thank you to Adam Cohen, Mai Bloomfield and Michael Chaves - a superb show filled with passion, pithy and panache. Bravo to a seamless trio of musical talent who belted out memories to last a lifetime. And I got the shirt to prove it. *♥* namaste.
During "So Long Marianne" (4.15) Adam spoke at length and began with:

In this room, we are announcing the end of a long run...

He continued by paying tribute to his two very talented musical cohorts, Mai Bloomfield and Michael Chavez, with humour and affection to the delight of the crowd.

There is a boutique set up in the lobby, where the artists usually go after their set to greet people and sign CD's. (The boutique was selling Adam's tote bags and CD's.) But, Adam did not come there after his set. So I went back inside and found him. I asked him to sign my copy of his new CD, Like A Man, which was recently released in the US. Alas, he hasn't learned his father's trick yet of always carrying a sharpie and I didn't have one with me. But he was gracious to have a photo taken with me.

Arlene & Adam Cohen at Hotel Cafe, Hollywood Apr 10/12

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