New Orleans Music Group Formed - Tribute To Leonard Cohen

Photo by Albert Monzano at a sound check in Toulouse, France 1980 

March 6, 2012

The "Bards of Bywater", a newly formed group specifically to perform and record a tribute to Leonard Cohen, is soliciting financial assistance for the tribute project.

WWOJ Tribute To LEONARD COHEN  (here

Bards of Bywater "Yours For A song" tribute to Leonard Cohen (here)
About this project

The Bards of Bywater are a group of musicians from New Orleans, Louisiana assembled for a special performance series and recording tribute to the great singer/songwriter Leonard Cohen. As Leonard Cohen approaches 80 we will span his entire career in a presentation of slightly lesser known songs that will make for an exquisite musical experience.

The Bards of Bywater are: Helen Gillet (cello, musical toys, and voice) Mark Growden (various instruments and voice) Troi Bechet (vocals) Alex McMurray (guitar and vocals) Aurora Nealand (various instruments and voice) James Singleton (bass) and Larry Sieberth (piano). Because of the elaborate nature of rehearsing and expenses incurred with securing performance venues and studio time for our recording we are reaching out to you to ensure that this project moves from the dream stage to actualization. We are all super excited and honored to bring forth a unique approach to the amazing Leonard Cohen. Please support this project and help us get the word out any way you can from posting this on FACEBOOK to alerting your friends via email.
Photo of Leonard Cohen at the top was included in the WWOJ post (here). No description of the setting was provided.  Hartmut on the leonardcohenforum provided a link to Dr HGuy's website that the photo was taken at a 1980 sound check, but still unknown is where?

Christine Roberts (facebook): The photo was taken by Albert Monzano at a soundcheck in Toulouse, France Arlene and appears in Anthony Reynold's biography Leonard Cohen A Remarkable Life.

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  1. Arlene,
    Thank you for posting this and help getting the word out. We have a long way to go to getting the funding, but I am still optimistic that we can pull it off!