LA Times Recommends New release Leonard Cohen Old Ideas

February 19, 2012

Imagine my excitement early this morning when I read in The Los Angeles Times Calendar section:
"Tips from The Times' music staff on recommended new releases and reissues".

The lead recommendation was written by Steve Appleford, one of the LA Times best reviewers.

Leonard Cohen
"Old Ideas

I can not find an online version yet. So please excuse the smudge, here is a scan.

LA Times Calendar section, p E13. Feb 19/12


  1. Beautiful review... insightful, meaningful, and beautiful. Thank you for posting this, Arlene... and whatever you are considering smudges, I am considering fitting character. Please don't re-do it. As-is it ought to remain. And all that from the L.A. Times xoxox!!! I've been listening to it over and over all morning.

    I love that Sharon is included, too.

    ~ Lizzie

    1. Thanks Lizzy. I also have been listening to the album a lot. But lately, I have been concentrating on only one track at a time. There is so much depth in each one.

      It was very exciting indeed that Sharon Robinson was highlighted.