US TV Promo Leonard Cohen "Old Ideas" on CBS Sunday Morning

Screen shot  from video of my TV screen - CBS Sunday Morning

January 29, 2012

Imagine my delight when I watched today's DVR recording of "CBS Sunday Morning" on TV.

During the playback, there was a 30 second promo for Leonard Cohen's new album, Old Ideas.

What a nice surprise.

I had seen some TV promos uploaded from other countries, but not one in the US yet.

I grabbed my camera, replayed that portion and uploaded it to YouTube.

Links to TV promos in other countries assembled by Roman aka Goldin (here)


  1. Mr. Cohen is more than just a legendary musical artist. He's an inspiration. A role model. A hero. A work of art. One of the last threads of a musical gentleman that we are still holding onto. I think a revolution could form in Leonard's name. An attempt to regain what was once considered great music. Rejoice, friends, let's cherish this great man's career and his ability to put out a brand new album that will claim a place on the shelf next to his antique LP's.