Christopher Hitchens (April 20, 1949 - December 15, 2011)

From Dec 17, 2011  leonardcohenforum
From Unspoken Truths by Christopher Hutchens  (Vanity Fair/Crescent Post)
When you fall ill, people send you CDs. Very often, in my experience, these are by Leonard Cohen. So I have recently learned a song, entitled “If It Be Your Will.” It’s a tiny bit saccharine, but it’s beautifully rendered and it opens like this:

If it be your will,
That I speak no more:
And my voice be still,
As it was before ...

I find it’s best not to listen to this late at night. Leonard Cohen is unimaginable without, and indissoluble from, his voice. (I now doubt that I could be bothered, or bear, to hear that song done by anybody else.)
 Jian Khomeshi, CBC Radio studio Q, put together two wonderful podcasts Dec 16/11.
Today on Q, Jian started off the program with a tribute to the late writer, thinker and debater Christopher Hitchens.  Listen in below.

Later in the program, we revisited our 2009 interview with Christopher Hitchens in Studio Q.  It was recorded when he was in Toronto for a speaker series at the Royal Ontario Museum surrounding its "Dead Sea Scrolls" exhibit.  Hitchens was to give his thoughts on how the bible's moral codes can be interpreted today.  He was also asked by the ROM to add three more commandments to the original ten. 

Before he spoke at the ROM, the renowned contrarian sat down with Jian in Studio Q for a chat about the ten commandments and his bestselling book, "God Is Not Great.

To listen to the two CBC podcasts "Q Remembers Christopher Hitchens"  click here

CBC Q Video - June 2009

The ROM is the Royal Ontario Museum in Toronto

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