Leonard Cohen Hydra Friends Reunite after 35 Years, May 2011 -- Photos and Narrative by Judy Scott

 Judy Scott and Marianne Ihlen at the Merlina Mercouri Gallery art opening (artist: Tom Powell), May 28, 2011

After a 35-year absence, we finally had a joyous Hydra reunion! Marianne was there to celebrate her birthday, a day we celebrated together on Hydra many years ago.

  Judy Scott & Marianne Ihlen visiting at the house of Pandias Skaramanga on Hydra, to view his collection of Anthony Kingsmill paintings, May 30, 2011

Anthony was a very dear friend to all of us and one of Leonard’s oldest friends. He was a very talented artist who lived and worked on Hydra for 27 years, and passed away in London in 1990.

Judy Scott, Marianne Ihlen, Brian & Valerie Sidaway and friend Jan  
May, 2011

One never tires of the sunsets on Hydra, and Brian & Valerie have possibly the best terrace in Kamini to view them from.

My partner, Monika, Marianne, Brian & Valerie, and Jan

It’s so wonderful to maintain such close connections over many miles and many years. Hydra is famous for fostering such a community. We used to call it ”the Hydra Connection.”

 Judy and Monika on the terrace of our rented house, referred to as the "Gore-Booth house", which was once owned by the English ambassador to India.

Monika and I have been together for 22 years and have visited Hydra 15-16 times.

Photos and narrative by Judy Scott (Jazz4111): Please do not copy or republish these images without prior permission
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  1. Beautiful pictures and to read a line about Merlina Mercouri is very special too, because I remember her music from the 'old days'.