"Leonard Cohen Bird On A Wire" Screening in Montreal, May 11, 2011--Tony Palmer Interview

Extérieur du Corona 

From August 29, 2011  leonardcohenforum

On May 11, the day of the Montreal screening of "Bird On The Wire" at the Théâtre Corona, there was an interview segment with Tony Palmer on CBC Radio, "Montreal Daybreak".

I always find it very enjoyable to listen to Tony Palmer speaking about his projects. He is always so ethusiastic and charming.

There are a few nuances and incidents he mentioned in this interview that I had never heard before, such as:
there was a sequence in a sauna bath but unfortunately the camera steamed up, so we had to drop it

CBC Montreal podcast with Tony Palmer click here
If you move the slider about 80%, you will get to Tony Palmer's segment near the end of the program.

If the podcast is ever pulled, I have saved it here

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