Philip Glass new composition based on Leonard Cohen's "Book Of Longing" for Violinist Tim Fain

From April 24, 2011

Philip Glass & Tim Fain
Philip Glass - new composition -Suite for Solo Violin - based on Leonard Cohen's Book of Longing was commissioned by violinist Tim Fain, who appeared in "Black Swan" as the violinist opposite Natalie Portman in a rehearsal scene.

Tim Fain and Philip Glass will perform the new composition together in Glass Portals, a multimedia event featuring video choreography by Benjamin Millepied, the dance visionary behind the Oscar-winning film "Black Swan".

European Premieres of Glass Portals

May 2011 - The Netherlands, Switzerland, Sweden, and Spain
as part of a Duo Tour performing with Philip Glass on piano

May 14 8pm, Zeeuwse Concertzaal, Middleburg, The Netherlands
May 15 8pm, Zeeuwse Concertzaal, Middleburg, The Netherlands
May 17 7:30pm, Tonhalle, Zurich, Switzerland
May 21 8pm Teatro Jofre, Ferrol, Spain
May 24 7pm, Upsalla, Sweden
May 27 8pm, Victoria, Spain
May 28 8pm, Valladolid, Spain
May 29 8pm, Teatro Auditorio de Ciudad de Alcobendas, Madrid, Spain

US Premieres of Glass Portals:

Fall 2011 - Symphony Space, New York City, NY
in a joint commission with The Kaneko Foundation, Omaha, NE

A press release listed one performance of Glass Portals at the BROAD STAGE in Santa Monica, CA on Sunday, October 9, 2011

From Tim Fain's website - Glass Portals
(There is an audio link on Tim Fain's website to hear a preview of the first movement.)
I've commissioned a new work from American Composer Philip Glass--It's called Partita for Solo Violin, in seven movements. The piece is almost completed and so far, I think it's really some of his best writing--so dark, lyrical, and melodic. The piece will have its US premiere in New York City at Symphony Space as part of Glass Portals.

Glass Portals
A full length, multi-media evening featuring the premiere of "Partita for Solo Violin," by Philip Glass - based on Book of Longing. In an onstage dialogue that interweaves video, electronics and dance with music, Glass Portals is an exploration of the human longing for connection in the digital age, guiding us through the failures and triumphs of new portals of relationship, our corporeal and electronic present and future. The new work for Fain is the evening's centerpiece, embraced by existing pieces by Aaron Jay Kernis, Nico Muhly and Kevin Puts, and includes spoken word - the poetry of Leonard Cohen and other contemporary American writers - and choreography by Benjamin Millepied.

A little History
A few years back, I worked with Philip in a show called Book of Longing which was a song cycle he composed to the poetry of canadian singer/songwriter Leonard Cohen. There was this moment where the violin took center stage and I played this really fast and crazy little movement, which only lasted a couple of minutes, but made a big impression on me. Before this, Philip hadnt really even written much for violin, and here was this totally intense 2 minute piece that sounded like J.S. Bach played backwards! I kept coming off stage thinking 'that was so cool.....but I want a whole piece!'

"Composing is really a two part process," he once told me. "First I write down all of the notes,"--often he'll send me a score by email--and then what follows, the second stage, as composer and performer meet to perfect and fine tune the score: we'll often meet down at his studio and work phrase by phrase until we're both happy, and the music is in its final completed form.

There's a real intensity and urgency about everything Philip does--It's staggering how much music he writes--he's probably one of the most prolific composers I know. He told me once that he really doesnt sleep all that much....I wonder if that has something to do with it

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